Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ludacris: Comic Genius

The other night as I was driving home from school, I was scanning the radio stations. This, admittedly, was a huge mistake. One could spend 30 minutes driving and continuously press the 'seek' button only to find crappy stuff that's been labeled music by someone.

Merging on to the highway, I stopped scanning and the DJ announced that a Ludacris song was coming up. I listened to the entire thing. I spent approximately 4 minutes of my life listening to Ludacris.

When I got home, I put down my 20 lb. schoolbag and told David, "You're not going to believe what I just heard in the car. There exists a song that actually has the line, "Welcome to my sex room" in it."

"You're kidding me," David says.

"I am completely not kidding."

And then I proceeded to take the remote from him with the express purpose of trying to find the video, knowing if I did, I'd be greatly rewarded.

"What is a sex room?" I asked, while scanning the R & B videos on demand. "Is that something you can find on architectural drawings? And where would you place it? It doesn't seem a first floor type of room."

"I thought it was just your bedroom," David offered.

"I know, right? Clearly. But obviously 'bedroom' is a bit too pedestrian for Ludacris."

I finally found the video, and David and I watched it, laughing the entire time. It was the funniest thing I've seen in ages. And this is the thing I can't figure out. I think it's supposed to be purposely funny. But because I know current R&B is given to sexual histrionics, I'm not sure. I mean, this thing is over the top. If there is a top, it has been reached and jumped over with this song/video.

I'm posting it, so you can help answer my question. Just keep in mind that it's not suitable for anything. It's not suitable for work, it's not suitable for children, and it's not suitable to remain in your computer's history.

So is Ludacris trying to be funny with purpose, or is it all unintentional?


Anonymous said...

Better get some towels, baby, because we about to slip and slide...

MemeGRL said...

When I was in college, one of my funnest friends was at some event with "Hello! My name is" stickers for all participants. And where most of us dutifully wrote our names, he wrote, "Whatever you want it to be, baby."

And I think that's where Ludacris is right now. He recently hosted SNL, and clearly has a sense of humor about current stereotypes. Meanwhile, his song that I heard the other day while dial flipping was called "What's Your Fantasy?" I couldn't believe the FCC lets that go on the radio, but what do I know?

Genius. Hilarious. And makes me weep to be the parent of young children. Really, what's going to be on the radio for them? This will be OLD SCHOOL and no biggie. Remember when stations wouldn't play "Call Me" by Blondie?

Anonymous said...

Really? I got embarrassed after the first 30 seconds . . . "My ass hurts!" . . . hmmmmmm. The fact that they made a soft porn video right in front of our very eyes is so clever! What will they think of next?

Kelly @ Student of the Year said...

@Anon, I don't blame you for the embarrassment. I was floored when I heard this song. And I wouldn't classify myself as a prude. Just someone with what I hope is a modicum of taste. (Also, sign your name so I know who you are!)

@MemeGRL, I know what you mean. I can watch this with my husband, and we can be amused. But kids? They don't get the joke. Not even close.

Magpie said...

Part of me has no interest in watching that, and the other part wishes I weren't at work...

Anonymous said...

Holy hell!!
So not cool. Totally not appropriate for the audience that he reaches. And, we wonder why females have such issues. It kinda makes me hate him.

Lora said...

I really wish I could stream video at work.

I'm like, dying to see this. Me, dying to see Ludacris. Love it.

Swistle said...

I think he definitely is PARTLY trying for funny (the intro, where one girl is wearing a fake mustache/beard and says she doesn't think they want to know what happened), but is also SERIOUS, which, ICK. Sex Room, oh gross.

Gwen said...

A hundred years ago, Ludacris performed at this Chicago Public School I was working at. Oh wait. No. It was Mystikal, who was so terrible I still cringe for him. Hard to tell these bad spellers apart, I guess.

I'm thinking that sometime soon, (like in the next century) we will just stop having sex all together, because all aspects of it will be so public, it will be boring.

Or maybe I just need to get myself a sex room.

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